Intro to The Barbell Content Strategy

The “Barbell Strategy,” developed by Omniscient Digital, is a holistic approach that seeks to balance your content marketing ‘portfolio’ to both make predictable and compounding revenue, but also to generate spikes of attention and buzz.

This framework is built on portfolio theory, particularly on an investment strategy called the “Barbell Strategy.” This methodology was built to cap the downside of investing while allowing the investor to capture unpredictable spikes of high value.

In short, we use lessons from financial theory to prove that you don’t have to choose one route or the other. While your scale may vary, you can both generate interest, brand awareness, and buzz, and build organic acquisition channels that make your CMO (and CFO) smile.

Questions to ponder as you take this lesson:

  • What is the “barbell strategy” in a general sense? In relation to content strategy and planning?
  • Which types of content make up a proper Barbell-shaped content plan?
  • How will the distribution of your barbell look today vs. in 5 years? How will it change?
  • What’s the rough distribution of most content barbells?

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