Intro to Buzzworthy Content

Another powerful framework for content creation is “Buzzworthy Content.” No matter what your specific goals and context are, it’s likely you’ll need to build some amount of backlinks or gain some sort of promotional traction. Even the largest brands have dedicated link building resources.

Link building is the hardest part of content and SEO, but the most important part of it actually happens during the research and strategy phase to decide what type of content to create.

This lesson will talk through examples of content that is magnetic to other publishers, bloggers, and writers.

Questions to ponder as you take this lesson:

  • When coming up with ideas for Buzzworthy Content (aka "link bait"), what are important factors that make it more linkable?
  • What is the primary goal of Buzzworthy Content?
  • What is the main difference between Product-Led Content and Buzzworthy Content?

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